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Crown hornbill

Crowned hornbill

Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird

Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird


Few birds surrounding Dunes de Dovela.

First insight: the most common ones.


Being in a remote area with a closed lodge due to the difficult time we are all going through, gives us the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of our surroundings.

The recent acquisition of a brand new camera allows us to share with you some sightings of the birds of the area …

Let’s start with some of the most common species, easy to find, colorful, beautiful and permanent residents of our coastal forest.

The Crowned Hornbill is a large bird (50cm) that feeds from invertebrates and fruits. It is a cooperative breeder (only an alpha pair breeds and the others are helpers) that’s why they are always found in flock of 3 to 7 birds together.

The Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird is a tiny bird (12cm). It eats small fruits and berries, especially mistletoes. It is monogamous and lays eggs in a cavity excavated by both sexes in a dead branch.

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