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The restaurant

With the best of the local bounty, Alexandra, Véronica and Hilario create delicious meals inspired by mozambican and french culinary traditions. At The Dunes, almost everything is home made : bread, pastries, cakes and ice creams, coconut milk and cream, jams etc ..

Available almost the whole year round, aubergines, rock lobsters and passion fruits are the three pillars of our cuisine and we will be happy to guide your discovery of their 1001 flavours.

The game does not stop here … At the same time as generating revenues in the village by sourcing locally grown produce, our restaurant will also delight your taste buds with fresh, diverse and high quality food. The rock lobsters, octopus and fish are brought by the fishermen straight from the beach in front of the lodge to the kitchen. Caught by hand or by speargun, this is a sustainable small-scale way of fishing avoids by catch, therefore, its footprint is very small

With an emphasis on seasonal produce, we source the fruits and vegetables everyday to craft our menus daily with the produce being grown in the village: baby marrows, peanuts, lemons, tomatoes, coconuts, onions, cassava, cashew nuts or mangos.

Your breakfast buffet includes an array of The Dunes jams along with freshly baked bread and cake. You will also be able to order a hot savoury course.

Lunch and dinner consist of three courses and the dishes change every day.

We can organise lunch packs for those who want to spend their days at the beach or go for a whole-day walk.

Settled in the sea and vegeted dunes view restaurant, we hope that you will enjoy our five-star Franco-Mozambican cuisine during your visit!

We’re happy to accommodate any special dietary needs so please do share with us any dietary requirements before your stay so that we can organise a tailored menu to meet your needs. 


Grilled rocklobster and vegetable tart


Cashew nuts cake


The restaurant with a view

Coconut rocher and coconut ice cream

Coconut "rocher" and coconut ice cream


crab rillettes

Crab "rillettes"

Grilled pinepple

Grilled pineppaple with honey from the Dunes

Home made breakfast

Home made breakfast

thin sweet pepper tart

Sweet pepper thin tart

The bar

Designed to mimick the shape of a sea shell, and mirroring the restaurant in the heart of the lodge, the dunes bar offer a range of beverages at any time of the day.

Sip a natural juice while stretching your feet in the sand, enjoy a national beer while playing darts, lounge on one of the sofas facing the sea with your glass of wine or freshly prepared cocktail … there are multiple cozy, relaxing spots to explore at The Dunes with your favorite beverage .

From the restaurant to the bar


bar with day light


intimacy at Dunes


in the middle of the patio



an other atmosphere


patio and bar




patio and bar at night










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