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Birding in Mozambique




Green Malkoha

Green Malkoha

Black Cuckooshrike

Black Cuckooshrike

Birding in Mozambique


Two very good examples of very common species of the coastal forest but very seldom seen as very unobtrusive with an incredible capacity of camouflage.

The Green Malkoha (Ceuthmochares australis, 33 cm) loves to creep covertly through the vegetation, looking for tree-frogs, caterpillars, insects and occasionally fruits. The best way to locate it is with its loud call: a series of metallic clicks followed by a shrill wailing crescendo ending in a trill.

The Green Malkoha is considered as threatened mainly by destruction of forest-edge habitat and it is a real pleasure to observe a wealthy population around the lodge.

The Black Cuckooshrike (Campephaga flava, 21cm) eats insects, particularly caterpillars and also some fruits. It joins mixed-species foraging flocks, creeps through foliage, gleaning canopy leaves and twigs and from bark of tree trunks. It is monogamous, solitary nester and territorial. The call is a characteristic insect-like trill.

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