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Birding in Mozambique




Brown Snake- Eagle

Brown Snake-Eagle

African Harrier-Hawk

African Harrier-Hawk


Birding in Mozambique 


Here are the two larger raptors we can see at Dovela.

The Brown Snake Eagle (Circaetus cinereus, 74cm) eats mainly snakes (including large poisonous species) and other reptiles. It is monogamous but usually solitary. It frequently perches on top of tall tree for prolonged period from which it drops onto the preys, smashing spine with small powerful feet and twisting bites to back, then crushes the head of the snake and swallows it head first.

The African Harrier-Hawk (Polyboroides typus, 63 cm) is also monogamous and sedentary. It methodically inspects crevices and holes in ground and trees, inserting small head into holes looking for eggs and nestlings of birds ranging in size from Waxbills to Heron. It is also specializes in robbing Weaver nests but also small mammals, reptiles, frogs and insects.

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