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Birding in Mozambique




Yellow bellied Greenbul

Yellow bellied greenbul

Dark-backed weaver

Dark-backed weaver

Birding in Mozambique

Fourth insight: other common residents

Two others very common residents of the costal forest:

The Yellow-bellied Greenbul (Chlorocichla flaviventris, 22 cm) is very similar to the Sombre Greenbul and they are very complicated to differentiate on the field as the only major difference is the eyes color: white for the Sombre Greenbul and reddish for the Yellow-bellied Greenbul . But luckily the ID becomes very easy with the call as the Yellow-bellied Greenbul has a very nasal call.

The Yellow-bellied Greenbul is monogamous and eats mainly fruits but also insects, seeds and flowers.


As all the weaver, the Dark-backed Weaver (Ploceus bicolor, 15cm) is an incredible nest builder. The nest is suspended from a thin twig or vine, strongly woven with vine and orchid roots and has a long entrance tunnel. The Dark-backed Weaver is always found in pairs year-round. They eat mainly insects and have a very melodious call, almost flute-like notes often sung in duet.


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