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The beach, the ocean


The beach


For anyone in need of pure relaxation, the pristine Manhame beach below The Dunes is the perfect escape just a five-minute walk from your Bungalow or Tent. We’ll arrange a shade so you can enjoy as much time as possible. You can also stroll along the sea during hours, you may only meet few lonely fishermen …

Bodyboards and other beach games are available at the lodge.

Beach service


At high tide


Rock pool



A fisherman

Long desert beach

Mol crab fishing Mozambique







Pterois miles or lionfish

Easy snorkeling at the beach

Antennablennius bifilum or horned rockskipper


Nemanthias carberryi or Threadfin goldie

Rock pool

Gymnothorax or Moray



At low tide a rocky barrier reef protects a natural pool where guests can snorkel and experience the marine life in crystal clear and calm waters. You will find a real nursery there.

The lodge provides the snorkelling gears.

Low tide is also the perfect moment for a long, safe swim. The tides schedule is always displayed at the bar of the lodge.

For qualified SCUBA divers the nearest dive center is located in Zavora, located at 15 kms away from The Dunes, accessible by a dirt road (not included in the rates).



Humpack whales watching

From Mid July to mid October, the Mozambican channel hosts the humpback whales migration coming from Antartica. The whales use Mozambique’s warm coastal waters for both mating and calving.

Without effort you can witness the humpback whale migration from virtually any location at The Dunes: in the restaurant, at your Bungalow, the veranda of your tent and even from your shower! Get lost in the symphony of their sprays and breaching dance, no binoculars needed.

We can organise an Ocean Safari for a close encounter on the water with these majestic ocean giants. This activity takes place in Zavora, 15 kms away by dirt road from The Dunes (not included into the rates).










































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