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Nature walks:


The library of the lodge offers a variety of nature dedicated books. At your entire disposal, this literature is focused on flora and fauna southern african species and is available to help you identify the trees, the plants, the butterflies and every kind of insect that you may have encountered during your walks.

Our guides are also here to accompany you in your nature research.

Marked paths:

Surrounded by the costal forest, the Dunes de Dovela offers several marked paths of various lengths : a quick 5 minute walk will take you to our bird hide … at 45 minutes further, you can wander up to the lake .. or even 1 hour 30 further you can go to the village and roam there for a while. Alone, using our maps or accompanied by our guides, you will be able to use the trails as much as you wish and learn a bit more about the flora of this kind of forest. Our guides will also be able to show you some traditional use of certain roots, leaves or stems (the traditions which are still used today...).

For the hiking lovers, we can organise, upon request a whole day long walk without any difficulties.

Among the unmissable hikes … choose the special sunset route. This 1h30 loop takes you to the best seat in the house for one of our breathtaking African sunset. It is highly recommended to go there with Rogerio or Nelson.

You can also hike alone throughout the dunes and beach during day light hours.



Through the forest


The hide


Sunset walk



Dongane lake:

Dongane lake is situated at 3.5 kms and about 45 minutes walk from the lodge through the forest. Once there, you might meet a local fisherman who fish the lake for freshwater fish. In winter, you will be able to admire the several vegetable gardens beautifully organized at the southern point of this 25 kms long fresh water lake.

There are two canoes and one kayak are available for use in the lake.


Around the lake


Dongane lake






















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