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Different habitats thus different bird species..


Birding guide

Thomas Bruneau 

A passionate enthusiast, Thomas, trained as a fiel guide (FGASA Trail Guide level 1) permanently monitors the observed species in the area and updates on a daily basis the Dunes de Dovela’s bird list. 

He will gladly accompain a budding or experienced birder for the quest of one of the 262 species of birds that inhabits the area. Rogerio and Nelson, the two guides of the dunes, trained by Thomas now also enyoy it and can help you to spot the Livingstone's Turaco or the Red-throated Twinspot or highlight the calls of the Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird or the Gorgeous Bushshrike which are all permanent residents of the coastal forest. A hike to the village will surely provides you with a good sighting of a Collared Palm Thrush, a Crowned Hornbill or a Dickinson’s Kestrel.

The austral summer sees the arrival of paleartic migrants such as the Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, the  Booted Eagle or the Common Sandpiper but also intra-african migrants as the African Pygmy Kingfisher or the very rare Dwarf Bittern.

Many birds guides and scientific books, binoculars and birds app are available at the lodge.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your are looking for one of the birds of our list, we surely know how and where to find it !


Our guides (included in the rates) are available for you during your stay.



Malachite king fisher

Makachite Kingfisher

Purple crested turaco

Purple-crested Turaco

African Jacana

African Jacana

Brown scrub Robin

Brown Scrub Robin

Download our list of 262 birds species.








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